The Indian Legend

There are many legends in the world who struggled a lot but became successful in their carrier But today is the first post of this blog so this is dedicated to the Indian legend who faced many problem in his life but he take these problem as a challenge of the life and now he is no more between us.


The Business tycoon, The Polyester King and Founder of Reliance industries we can call him any of them. The Polyester King, Ambani and Sons(updated version) by Hamish McDonald, GURU Indian movie based on his biography and became top businessman in the world.

The words are less for describing the achievements. But Dhirubhai Ambani faced many challenges in his life. He was lived in one bedroom apartment with his family till he started the Reliance Group. Before starting his own business he worked in different industries.

One day his mother asked to support his father in work, he angrily said that “why are you keep screaming for money ? I will make heap of money one day”. When he was child he started a stall in village fair and gave the extra money to his mother.

Before the result of matriculation his father called him and said that “Son i know you want to study further but now i am ill and can’t support financially enough so you have to earn money, i need your money, family needs money, you must do work” and dhirubhai just said “yes, I’ll do as you say”. And when he was going Aden result went out and he passed.

As a professionally he started his carrier as a clerk in Aden from very first day then he became distributor and after that manager in an oil filling station. After 10 year he came India with a dream and start a business of spices with his cousin and then textile with world best machinery. Then finally in 1965 he starts Reliance group with 5 member to 85000 and became public with millions of average investor.

Dr. A P J Abdul said in Dhirubhai Ambani manorial lecture that “Mrs. Ambani told her son about his father Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani that God sent him on earth for a mission they choose India and choose the family now they sent others on the mission and god need him in haven to do his work for good. Her massage was cleared that mission makes a man”.

He didn’t district by other, he was seeing his way of success. He was focused, didn’t care about other things, Hardworking and intelligent man since childhood. He never care about attention but always in the journey and after started his own business get the hole world attention. It was his capacity to dream big, his desire to achieve more, his dedication and great effort that convert his dreams in reality.


4 thoughts on “The Indian Legend”

  1. Dear fightalone1,
    Thank you for posting this piece.
    I enjoyed reading about Dhirubhai Ambani.
    You said he worked hard and gradually succeeded:

    “As a professionally he started his carrier as a clerk in Aden from very first day then he became distributor and after that manager in an oil filling station.”
    You mentioned that he worked hard and stayed focused on the task at hand.

    I think this is a great attitude to have. When I was applying to different restaurants to be able to work forty hours a week a manager that I interviewed said that people sometimes do not do a very good job because they are not focused enough on their current job. He said if people that are working in one position look up to the next position instead of looking at what is in front of them than they become not very good at the job that is in front of them.


  2. Never give up on your dreams. 🍓
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