CHHANDA GAYEN (July, 1979 to May, 2014)

How can we explain braveness, passion, willing to do anything for challenge and fulfilling reverie? There is many question but answer is same Chhanda Gayen. The mountaineer, martial artist, teaches self defense, and supreme in the word and know as a first woman in West Bengal to climb summit of Mount Everst (8586 meters).

She decided her aim when she saw some senior in her school to climb a rock face at that moment her heart started to beating fast. She set her goal ridiculously high. She could see her path of success and manipulate her dream into real. She wanted to accomplish her father( a business person) dream that was to touch the top of Everst and done that in 2010 but in December 2010 her father died at the same year she scaled Mt Lohtse, the fourth highest mountain in the world. She told that her best memories are that whenever she went on any campaign her father is always with her till the base camp.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”                                                 Walt Disney

So she started to adhere her dream and didn’t west time, joined explorers institute which she explained in several campaign. She inspired by her mother Jaya Gayen, a hobby trekker. So she started her first basic training form institute of Exploration, kolkata in 1998, took many relevant climbing training program followed by other course manage by Gorabazar Baharampur Town Club, West Bengal in 2005 at susunia hills. Chhanda Gayen joined the basic climbing and advance training from the first mountaineering school Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling and other one from National Institute of Mountaineering(Nehru Institute of Mountaineering).

She already accomplished to touch the Mount Fluted (6122 meters) in 2007 her first climb. “It was chill, stormy, and very hazardous but I enjoyed very much”, she said. It was jast a year passed and she pursue first step of her dream and accomplished a recored that she climb Mount Jogin I and II (6465 and 6342 meters respectively) in single day that was in 2008, after that Mount Gangotri (6672 meters) in 2010 and Mount Manirang (6592 meters) in 2012 as leader.

She was from middle class family from hawarah. She always had the support of her family and friends. Her decision was solid and no one questioned to her decision on mountaineering. She was not alone anywhere any time but she went many camp and expeditions where she don’t know any one but she never felt alone she had her dream with her every time and focused to climb top of the world.

But last year in Mount Kanchenjunga she went missing because of an avalanche struck. She already succeeded to summited the Kanchenjunga (8586 meters). But at the time of climbing down Yalung Kang, peak of the world’s third-highest mountain when an avalanche struck at 5,500 meter, officials said. And Nepal police confirmed her death after two days.

The 35 year old women who was a successfull dreamer never felt down, alone. Always prepared for challenges like she said before joining the training that

Every climber dreams to summit Everest. I am looking forward to a hell of an adventure.



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