Alone in the DarkPart – I

It’s a story of a girl who is Beautiful with smartness and passionate about her career. Her name was Adhya. She had a dream to go outside the India and study and then teaches there. She love her family, her father who is a manager in bank, her mother who is a teacher of Sanskrit in collage and a big brother. She follows her mother and want to become a Sanskrit teacher. Adhya want to show the power of Sanskrit to the world. She was happy with her life. Day by day Adhya was doing well with her studies.

But one horrible night her family was coming from a marriage party and they got an accident. When she heard this news from a hospital she stunned, didn’t understand what to do. Then she called her friend Ashu.

About Ashu, he was tall, smart and good friend with Adhya. He belongs to other city but because their families ware friends so he lived in her house as a guest. He was senior in same school with her.

He picked Adhya and drive to the hospital. When she reached at the hospital her brother and father already died, her mother was in under treatment. She crushed, didn’t hold up. Ashu hold her and tell her that “you have to be brave. You can’t loose your control at this time”. She lost her father and brother, her mother’s condition was bed. How could she became so brave with in a day. One day her life was very colorful and other day its like dark every where.

Then after two days her mother woke up but she was not in good condition. Doctor called Adhya that her mother wants to meet her. She went in and sit beside to her mother. She hold her mother hand. Adhya’s mother was trying to tell her something. She came closer to her mother’s ear. Her mother said that “beta you are so brave you come this far by your abilities now you have to complete your dream own your own i am not going to survive in this state so you have to prepare yourself for that moment. I love you Adhya”. After that doctor came and told her to wait out side. Ashu called his parent to come there.

After that she ran from the room and start crying at Ashu’s shoulder. He knows that was tough for her. Then she wait for doctor to came. Few hour later doctor came and told her that “Your mother condition is too bed, its all up to God now We did what we can do”. She was so crushed. She was prying to God for her mother. Now its been a week her mother not woke up. Then 9th day doctor came to her and said her that sad news. She was shocked, not a single come out from her mouth. She held Ashu’s hand tightly. Both Adhya and Ashu ran to her room she couldn’t move when she saw her mother. Ashu hold her and take her close to her mother who cover with white sheet. She started to cry, couldn’t stop. Ashu’s parents came in the room his mother held Adhya in her arms. But she was just crying and crying. Ashu’s mother took Adhya outside the room. Ashu’ father took care of all formalities.

They all came to her house. Ashu’s mother made food to all but Adhya couldn’t agree to ea. She just went to her room. And just crying alone. Ashu came to her room and sit beside her. He wanted to calm her down but what could he suppose to say. He was blank. Both were blank. She told him to leave the room. And Ashu understand that she wants to be alone for the night. Then she locked her in.

All night she cried couldn’t sleep. She think about her parent all night. She felt very alone, depressed,thought that no one is around her, who was going to care about her. At that moment she didn’t want to live. But this time her mother word pop into her mind. What she told her at her last time. The long night end with a knock on the door. Adhya opened the door, its Ashu. He also couldn’t sleep he thought about Adhya all night that hoe Adhya hold this time.

Ashu’s parents decide to take Adhya home and did her study there living with them. But Ashu’s stayed here and completed his study here. So this is decided. Now Adhya is in new city no one know her here no family, no friend not even Ashu. She was just crushed.


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