Part – II

Beautiful riseA girl who always smiling, talked too much, never stop, always top in the study. Now she was just feeling alone her study is also affected. She didn’t even talk much. She thinks that no one here for her, who took care for her little things, Who listen her.

Its been a year she lived in a city where no one knows her. She couldn’t made any friends. She just got passing marked in school. She didn’t pass out from that moment. She was just sitting alone and think about her parent. She didn’t talk to anyone and her only friend was also not with her. She wanted to kill herself, already tried but saved. Now she was living her life with loneliness, without a motive of living and for who. She was lost.

Now she was in high school and moved back to same city for the studies, same school with Ashu. But this was Ashu’s last year in school. She didn’t talk much so Ashu memorize her what is her motive before and she could do it know. You have to prove to world that i am not going to loss now. She thought about it and one part of Adhya’s life started to improve that she started studies again. But in the middle of her studies she forgot to smile. She never smile, like this was her fault, she was just giving her punishment to never enjoy her life. If Ashu tried to do something funny she just shouted and locked herself in the room. And in all of this thinking anther year passed. This time she got good marks.

Now Ashu again moved in other state for his graduation. She didn’t want to loss her friend again. But at the last night he told her that “He will always with her, but just talk to others, enjoy your life like always. It’s no one fault. You have to overcome from that its a long time you spend in thinking. Now just stop thinking about past and see what future has for you. You have one life and make sure you live it fully”.

Then Ashu left and Adhya understands what she had to do. So she started to talk to other student but no one ready to talk to her. She didn’t understand what could she do. She talked to Ashu about it and he understand why all student didn’t talk to her because she was never friendly for the year and know one understand her. So he gave her an idea. Ashu said her that “You always wanted to teach and specially Sanskrit. Then why not start now. You will study and help other student in their problem with Sanskrit and you also made friends”. She was excited, in whole past 2 year she was happy first time . Ashu also happy that she really  started to understand that you will never survive if you always push yourself.

This was her first day of her new life. Then she started to help other student so she made many friends but her focus was on studies. Adhya was back on track again. She got highest marks this time and got admission in her dream university (Delhi University). But she didn’t want to be a burden on Ashu’s parent so she talked about it with Ashu. And He supported in her decision. They both started o do part time job and Ashu give her all money. She was studding hard with her job. All these year she didn’t even take a penny to Ashu’s parent. All her expenses are filled by both. In her way Adhya made many friends. Now she was not alone. Yes some time she spent alone time and memorize her time with her parent.

The whole three year of her graduation ware about to end and she was looking for her ultimate dream to get a teacher job in other country. She got good grads. Few months later the day was came when she got a job in US. But now this time Adhya was going to left all her friends and her best friend Ashu back and move foreword. She arranged a party for all her friends. They all enjoyed the last moment with Adhya. And the very next morning Ashu give her a last ride to airport. Last time they hugged and say good bye to each other.

First Adhya was all alone no one was around her but she didn’t loss she fight back to her loneliness. She set a motive to her life and start to follow that. In the middle of the way she made very good friends. So

There is no one in this word who doesn’t have problem but every problem has a solution. You just have to set a motive for it.


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