friends foreverThis story is about a boy named Nicky. He was a simple and dedicated to work. But he was living alone in his apartment. He was away from his family and his old friends. He thought that he was all alone, no one understand him. He made this fantasy and living in that world. And just because he was alone then every time he was just doing thinking again and again. Always a question popped up into his mind that “why am I here on earth? Why am I born? What is the purpose of my existence?” Everyone thinks about these question when they are alone. Just like everybody says

”An empty Mind is Devil’s workshop!”

I can’t live this boring life where i have to do the same work everyday over and over again.

Then one day Nicky was going for his work and he saw a kitten outside of his apartment. He liked that kitten, white fur with black spot. Nicky named him as Jarry and took him into the apartment. He served him milk. Then he went to his office. He was excited to go to the home so he can play with his new friend. Whole day he worked and completed his work before time. He came to his home. Jarry was playing with water bottle that time. Nicky held him in his arms and rasp his fur. Every day and night he started to playing with Jarry. He found a friend in Jarry.

One night Jarry was standing in a corner very silent tranquil. Nicky was confused so he went close to Jarry. He saw the shade around his eyes. Jarry was crying. Nicky was confused. He thought that why was Jarry crying. He had his all need fulfilled( Fun and food) by him.

Suddenly he felt that “Jarry is just a kitten also away from his family, his friends. He surly was missing his family and friends. Then Nicky realized that if a kitten can survive in this world, away from anyone, never depressed, enjoyed his life whatever he has around him. So why can’t i am? Jarry has a same story as me. What am i doing? I have many people around me, My colleague, my neighbour. Never thought of that and in this way. I can live like this. I am a human, the top surviver of the living being.”

Nicky decide and promise himself that he surly didn’t know right now his motive and when the time comes God will give him a clue until now his motive is to help everyone and living his life with spreading the happiness. God gives us one life, what is the meaning of westing it by without motive. And that is the very moment when Nicky understood the life.

People I just want to ask a question to all of you. And i am telling you that you have to ask this question to yourself. I have been seeing news everyday that He or she committed suicide. According to WHO record the suicide rate is increased by 5 to 62% in last two decades and these days young person are killing themselves are more shocking. Is it your motive guys?

I learn a thing in my life that humanity is the highest race of living being in every field brain, feeling, power in everything. I didn’t heard of any news about any other living being that he kills himself. If an animal can survive in this society who doesn’t affect by other’s when they were alone. Then why are we?


42 thoughts on “HUMAN, THE TOP SURVIVOR”

  1. This post asked some interesting questions, and posed them in a way that not many would consider. Seeing as I have spent most of my life fending for myself in one way or another, I would say that the post really hits home.

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  2. “An empty mind is devil’s workshop”
    I love that! I have a friend who suffers from a little depression and I need to have him read this! I love the concept of it, really good!


    1. thank you for reading. This is my motive behind this blog that i could help someone. If anyone need help i am here for them just send me any query in Tell me your story section. Have a wonderful day.

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  3. Our purpose is to know God, and to love Him. Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us. John 3:16. I would love to tell you more, if you’re interested.
    Thank you for liking my comment about the ox tongue, and congee.


  4. Very true words. Suicide is never answer for anything.
    In Hindu mythology, it is mentioned that a soul get both as a human after borning into 84,00,000 other species. If it is that rare, we should respect this good gift of life and try to live to its fullest.


  5. Reblogged this on bears goats and strawberries and commented:
    You are right. Life is hard. Suicide happens so much now, as people, we are conservative beings. With indecent sexuality, kids having sex too you to prove they are not homosexual, to say “you are homosexual when you have a spouse and kids”; mans inhumanity to man. Public conversation about sex is not ” modern behavior”; it is the behavior of an uneducated caveman.

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  6. Man’s inhumanity against man is the seed of suicide. Many people discriminate against and harm those who seem different. The targets of ignorance and hate sometimes end up killing themselves.

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  7. Hmm it looks like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say,
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still
    new to everything. Do you have any tips for first-time blog writers?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.


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