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Please Accept my true apologies because i made some mistake in my previous article. I am in learning phase. Right now i am developing my skill of standard writing.

Today’s story is about a boy who inspired me. Avnish had completed his graduation recently in history. He wanted to become a archaeologist. He was living in a town, So he decided to move in other country for further studies. He was very open, became friends to a stranger very often. He liked to visit different places, where he could recognize a historical story. He got half of scholarship for his studies.

He was going to the Germany. Avnish was very excited that he was going to live a different life in a new Country, new environment, to meet new people. So he started to put his effect in the research about all the things he had to know that how could he survive in Germany.

same people

Avnish started his life in Germany, In the beginning days he visited all the important and historical places of Berlin and started studies. These days were awesome. I remembered this song for this situation “It’s a new world, it’s a new start” by Bryan Adams.

But the day had came when he faced his first problem, when he went for a side job so he could become independent, But he couldn’t because he didn’t know the German Language and this was the problem. He didn’t know the language. That was the day when he realized that he was all alone, whenever he wanted to talk with someone, language always come between them.

So he started to learn new language and their culture but he was facing many problems because without any help and no interaction with people how could he. He started to feel alone. In the University, his neighborhood and everywhere he felt alone because he was not able to communicate with other people.

One day his confident was just shattered when he request to his Teacher to teach him German and he said “Why can’t you try to go to that place where you at least know their language”. Avnish felt very down and he wanted to go his place. He thought about this all night but couldn’t resist it.He cried all night. He finalized to go.

Next day when he went for breakfast. two accident happened at the same time. He was in the line and he saw a trickster who was showing some tricks. In the middle of trick, he did something wrong and damaged himself. All people laughed at him. I was in shock that no one helped him even though he belonged from same place until a kind man helped him.

At the same time when he was at the front of the line and he tried to ordered his breakfast in German. But he did some mistake in sentence so chandler was rephrasing his mistake. A man who was standing last in the row interrupt him. The chandler scolded at him because he said few bad words to Avnish. All people stared at him until he said sorry to Avnish.

Both of action happened at one time and he realized that

“There is few person everywhere who don’t want to help others but all people are not same. We can find many people who approaches their fist before you ask. I can’t give up on my dreams at this moment”.

So he was not going. He took this as a challenge and started to talked to people even he was wrong. Then he found that all people ware helping him.He made many friends there, He was happy and thanked to God.




  1. It’s kind of like the whole you don’t know what someone has recently been through so if they are a jerk to you or come off brash, it might not be who they are. This is a great piece. I agree not everyone is the same and not everyone needs to be treated the same. Everyone should, however, be treated with respect unless they give you a reason not to be. Approach everyone the same but adjust accordingly.

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    1. True, he don’t know what someone has recently been through but this is not his fault also they can’t treat his request in that way. He could said that polity.
      Thank you for sharing your experience.
      Have a nice day

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  3. There is so much subconscious stuff going on that determines people’s behavior. You had a weakness in your self-confidence that people were tempted to exploit due to their own weakness of character. Both sides contribute to the problem. Before, you approached people, radiation/sending: “I don’t speak your language. There is a barrier.” and they respond “Apparently. And I’m afraid of making an effort anyway.”. Now you radiate/send: “Look, we have things in common.” and they respond “I like that.”
    A lesson I myself had/have to learn, too, is to not be afraid of how much we can determine how people react towards us. I was worried I might become manipulative then and not respect people’s free will, but acting based on fear like that isn’t good. When you really trust yourself with the responsibility, you will allow yourself to have a greater influence on others. (Which is a two-edged sword, because one CAN become a malicious manipulator if virtue isn’t strong.)

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  4. Someone once told me that how a stranger treats you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. When a person I don’t know treats me mean or unfair I find the best response is to smile and wish them well because I feel sorry for them. I have always told my children: It cost nothing to be kind. I enjoyed your story very much. Keep writing!


  5. I agree. Not everyone is the same. Some speak one language, some another. Some has certain skills, some have others. Some people are tall, others are short. Some are smart in one area, others are smart in another. Some are happy, others are not. However, everyone should be treated with love, compassion and kindness. Kindest Regards Cheryle


  6. First, let me say, thanks for visiting and posting a comment. I liked this post; for the courage of your friend; it takes such to change your world, but the rewards are immense. As others have stated better than I, other’s weakness and fears many times are directed at the “other” because it easier and present no danger of retaliation. His determination and courage made him dig deep and “go for broke,” after his encounters in the queue. It paid off in new friends and learning the ways of their world.
    I am thrilled to make your acquaintance, by the way. Should you be so inclined, I hope you will give some consideration to staying a while at
    Thank you.
    We are the “Children of the Web,” no matter our age.


  7. Very Inspiring story.. This is so true that all people are not same and if you have full dedication , God always send someone to help you. I was in Switzerland in Jan . I have also faced this language problem as mostly people in Switzerland speaks German only. I met people who was rude but at the same time also met people who came forward to help me . So everyone is not same..


  8. You’ve written a beautiful and poignant portrayal of the human spirit. Not all people are equal in their talents, but in the eyes of God we are all one, equal in his love and forgiveness.

    When you encountered the trickster and he injured himself, he was arrogant and a braggert of his talent. Thus he received no empathy. When you opened your mouth and tried to speak the language you were unfamiliar with, you made yourself vulnerable and open. People were impressed and flattered that you would try. It mattered not that your words were broken and not perfect, your gift was in the trying to connect with others. I commend you for stepping outside of your comfort zone. Don’t put your dreams away because you are uneasy, go forward knowing that strength is built by character and willingness to learn. You have both, and you will learn that there are more good people in this world than there are tricksters.

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