Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam the President (First Man) of India, the most popular personality in the eyes of youngsters. He was a different person by born. Full name was Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, I always forget his full name in my junior school. Small in height but dreams touches the sky. He was a teacher, scientist, writer and politician. But Dr. Kalam always said that “I am always a teacher” and the last day of his life he spent around the student doing his favorite job that was giving a lecture to IIM students. He was known as a teacher and Inspiration to others. He was always young from his heart. All these quality makes student to follow his steps. He was one person who has the highest youngest follower in India and youngster follows him from their heart. I am one of these followers. It doesn’t matter that he is not with us today. He did a lot to others. Now it’s our time to follow what he told us.

Dr. Kalam was born in Rameswaram, Tamilnadu. His father was owner of a boat. From his childhood he was good in studies specially in mathematics. He started to support his family in his school by distributing the newspaper. Then he studied physics but moved to aeronautical and graduated in aeronautical engineering. He was in last year and the final project was not completed so Dean of the collage threatened him that he dismisses his scholarship if he didn’t complete the project in 3 days and he match the deadline.

His first job was in DRDO then he worked for ISRO, visited NASA and as a chief he worked for a classified project on missile making by the order of prime minister Indra Gandhi. The results were amazing and he gave us the Agni and Prathvi the hazardous missiles. He also involved with the nuclear test of Pokhran-II. He played an important role in developing missiles and launching vehicle technology.

He also wrote India 2020 and in this book Dr. Kalam clearly advocated a plan to develop india into Superpower in Knowladge and Developed Nation by the year 2020. Many biographies are based on his life like Eternal Quest: Life and Times of Dr Kalam by S Chandra, President A P J Abdul Kalam by R K Pruthi, A P J Abdul Kalam: The Visionary of India by K Bhushan and G Katyal, A Little Dream (documentary film) by P. Dhanapal, The Kalam Effect: My Years with the President by P M Nair, My Days With Mahatma Abdul Kalam by Fr A K George.

We celebrate “The World Student Day” on Dr. Kalam’s 79th birthday confirmed  by the United Nations. He honored by the doctorates from 40 universities. The Government of India honored him with the Padam Bhushan and The Padma Vibhushan for his work with ISRO and DRDO and his role as a scientific advisor to the Government. In 1997, Kalam received India’s highest civilian honor, the Bharat Ratna, for his contribution to the scientific research and modernization of defense technology in India. In 2005, Switzerland declared 26 May as “Science Day” to commemorate Kalam’s visit to the country.

He was born on 15 October 1931 and died on 27 July, 2015. He did great work as a President of India. He lived in every person heart. He was gleeful person who inspired the whole world. He did the whole work with the support of his friend and family. He always said

“Never thought that you are alone the whole world is with you if you have the courage to face it.”



Today on the occasion of mother’s day I am dedicating this article to all mothers. Yes, I am too late for posting this because I can’t think about something spacial for you all and its never late until the day ends. There are many woman who struggled in their whole lives. Here I am highlighting few from many who fight alone somewhere in their way of success and became an inspiration for all the people. They are doing everything for their child with no intention of payback. Like I am inspired by my mother who sacrifice her career and life for ricing me. Love you mama.


The legendary women Rani lakhmi bai queen of Jhansi, India. She known for her bravery and courage. She has been struggling from her childhood. Her mother died when she was just 4 year old. But she never gave up. She learned and mastered in Martial arts which includes archery, horsemanship and self defense training. Her nick name was Manu. Manu was married to a king. She gave birth to a boy child but he couldn’t survive more and died when he was only 4 months. Then king decided to adopted his cousin’s boy and named him after their passed child. That time India ruled by British government. Soon king died and then she was all alone. She raised her boy and also ruled on Jhansi. She was a great queen and mother. In Indian independence Rani lakshmi bai played an important role in 1857. And now there are many books, TV series and films which is based on her life.


She is a famous icon of the Hindi cinema, A legendary singer. But she lost her father who also was a singer at the age of 9. Then her mother and both sister Lataji and Ashaji moved to Mumbai. And started their career in singing in 1943 with a song in Maharashtra movie. But she never saw back and move forward whatever problem came between her way of success. Then first problem she faced when she fall in love with a 31 year old man and married with him. However her marriage was short lived, she returned her home with 2 child and pregnant with third because of miss treated by her laws. But she didn’t loose her hope and continue her singing career and got many awards. Now she is a inspiration for many young people.

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CHHANDA GAYEN (July, 1979 to May, 2014)

How can we explain braveness, passion, willing to do anything for challenge and fulfilling reverie? There is many question but answer is same Chhanda Gayen. The mountaineer, martial artist, teaches self defense, and supreme in the word and know as a first woman in West Bengal to climb summit of Mount Everst (8586 meters). Continue reading THE TOP OF THE WORLD: A DREAMER

The Indian Legend

There are many legends in the world who struggled a lot but became successful in their carrier But today is the first post of this blog so this is dedicated to the Indian legend who faced many problem in his life but he take these problem as a challenge of the life and now he is no more between us.


The Business tycoon, The Polyester King and Founder of Reliance industries we can call him any of them. The Polyester King, Ambani and Sons(updated version) by Hamish McDonald, GURU Indian movie based on his biography and became top businessman in the world. Continue reading The Indian Legend