Today on the occasion of mother’s day I am dedicating this article to all mothers. Yes, I am too late for posting this because I can’t think about something spacial for you all and its never late until the day ends. There are many woman who struggled in their whole lives. Here I am highlighting few from many who fight alone somewhere in their way of success and became an inspiration for all the people. They are doing everything for their child with no intention of payback. Like I am inspired by my mother who sacrifice her career and life for ricing me. Love you mama.


The legendary women Rani lakhmi bai queen of Jhansi, India. She known for her bravery and courage. She has been struggling from her childhood. Her mother died when she was just 4 year old. But she never gave up. She learned and mastered in Martial arts which includes archery, horsemanship and self defense training. Her nick name was Manu. Manu was married to a king. She gave birth to a boy child but he couldn’t survive more and died when he was only 4 months. Then king decided to adopted his cousin’s boy and named him after their passed child. That time India ruled by British government. Soon king died and then she was all alone. She raised her boy and also ruled on Jhansi. She was a great queen and mother. In Indian independence Rani lakshmi bai played an important role in 1857. And now there are many books, TV series and films which is based on her life.


She is a famous icon of the Hindi cinema, A legendary singer. But she lost her father who also was a singer at the age of 9. Then her mother and both sister Lataji and Ashaji moved to Mumbai. And started their career in singing in 1943 with a song in Maharashtra movie. But she never saw back and move forward whatever problem came between her way of success. Then first problem she faced when she fall in love with a 31 year old man and married with him. However her marriage was short lived, she returned her home with 2 child and pregnant with third because of miss treated by her laws. But she didn’t loose her hope and continue her singing career and got many awards. Now she is a inspiration for many young people.

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Part – II

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